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Blocked Drains

Don’t ever put up with blocked drains again!

Blocked Drain Scenarios

As a 24/7 Emergency Plumbing service provider in Baldivis, we at DC Plumbing & Gas have seen many many blocked drain disasters unfold.
Homes flooding, offices flooding, even hospital and restaurants. No scenario is ever 100% safe from suffering from blocked drains, however there are many instances where they can be preventable, which is where DC Plumbing & Gas fit’s in.

Obviously we can repair problems, but ideally, we’d like to help you make sure they never occur.

Apart from the obvious health risks of having a blocked and surcharging sewers and drains on your property, they can also be a massive financial and time ‘thorn in your side’.
We’ve seen scenarios where entire offices and apartments have had to close down entirely, or they’ve had to replace the carpet, kitchen cupboards, furniture, appliances, etc, etc.

The bottom line is, it can be bloody expensive and a massive pain!

So, what causes Blocked Drains?

There are many different causes of blocked drains, however one of the most common problems is tree roots.
Naturally the job of a trees root is to find water and nutrients so when an ageing pipe cracks and leaks water into the surrounding earth, those roots see it as a perfect opportunity to get a regular drink. Unfortunately once those roots are in the drain, they’re there to stay and eventually, that means blockages!

What’s the solution to my Blocked Drains?

At Dc Plumbing & Gas, we’re experts in not only blocked drains, but blocked drain detection and diagnosis. We use advanced CCTV drain camera’s and a bunch of other handy tools like pipe locators that enable us to investigate what the problem is, where the problem is, and with that information, we can derive a solution that best suits that scenario.
It could be a simple clearing of the drain, tied into a maintenance schedule to prevent the problem recurring, or it may be something more advanced like excavation and replacement, or pipe relining.

Either way, you can rest assure that the solution you’ll be getting for your blocked drain is going to be the solution that has your unique situation at heart, resulting in no more blocked drains and peace of mind.

Some common symptoms of blocked drains, or partially blocked drains can be the following:

  • Drain gurgling
  • Surcharging
  • Slowly draining toilets and fixtures
  • Bad odours
  • Odd noises when the drains are being used
  • Bubbling, or gurgling floor wastes, etc.

Got a blocked drain at your property? Give DC Plumbing & Gas a call today.